Testosterone Cream, What are the advantages?

Testosterone cream

What are the advantages of Testosterone Cream?

Testosterone cream is applied to the skin to deliver a prescribed dose of hormone and is available in various concentrations for topical application. The patient applies the prescribed amount of cream to the skin, where it is absorbed, and the hormone enters the bloodstream. It should be used twice daily, usually in the morning and evening, and over a 24hour period mimics the natural rise and fall of testosterone throughout the day.

Testosterone cream is for increasing testosterone in patients with lower than normal levels or for maintaining optimal levels. Decreasing testosterone levels are unavoidable, and from the age of 35-40 onwards, male levels decrease by 1-2% every year. Reduced muscle mass, lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction, middle-age spread, and fatigue are common symptoms. Testosterone medication is also prescribed in pills, patches, or injections to increase levels back to normal.

What is Bioidentical Testosterone?

There are two main types of testosterone available, synthetic or bioidentical. These terms are slightly misleading in the fact that they are both manufactured and produced in a lab. The important part is how differently your body reacts to each.

Natural testosterone molecules are a bit like keys to a lock, and they have a 3D shape that perfectly fits the hormone receptors. When these molecules attach to the receptor, it fits perfectly and triggers all the benefits testosterone has on the body.

Synthetic testosterone has a slightly different shaped ‘key’ it still attaches to the receptors, but it’s not a perfect fit, this can have adverse effects on your body. Bio-identical testosterone has the same shaped ‘key’ as natural testosterone; therefore, when it attaches to your receptors, it ‘unlocks’ the benefits in the same way as the natural hormones.

  • Synthetic testosterone does not have the correct molecular structure, so it doesn’t quite fit the receptor. As a result, these hormones can cause unwanted side effects.
  • Bioidentical testosterone duplicates the exact structure of the naturally produced hormone. Therefore the body thinks it is the real deal, and your body reacts as it should.

Testosterone Lipoderm Cream

Custom compounded creams are incredibly useful for patients to suit their particular hormone requirements. Testosterone lipoderm cream is easily absorbed and delivered in 30Mg ‘TopiClick’ dispensers. These dispensers have a twist top that makes an audible click sound measuring out exactly 1/4 gram of cream. With 200mg of testosterone per gram, a typical Male Excel dosage usually starts at two clicks in the morning (1/2g) and two in the evening (1/2g).

Absorption rates vary between different people, typically only around 10% of the total hormone in the cream will penetrate and enter your system. 10% may sound wasteful; however, compounding pharmacists calculate this and adjust the cream’s strength accordingly. A man usually requires 8-10 mg of testosterone per day, so for a 10 mg daily dose, 100mg of testosterone needs to be applied.

Cream application is usually to the inner thigh and groin area where the skin is more sensitive. Alcohol-based gels are also available; however, many people find this form of TRT irritates the skin, and lipoderm creams are preferred.

How to Apply

Testosterone cream is applied to the groin area once a day to clean skin and left to absorb before getting dressed. It is important to avoid sexual contact for about four hours, particularly if used in the groin area, as suggested. You also must make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after each application.


Topical Testosterone creams can cause side effects in women, children, and even pets who accidentally come into contact. If a woman who is pregnant, might become pregnant or is breastfeeding touches the skin of a testosterone user, there is a severe risk to babies. If there has been any contact, wash the area with warm soapy water to reduce contamination. Our advice is that if your partner wants to become pregnant, don’t use testosterone cream.

It is vital to keep children well away from possible contamination, and side effects can be severe and include early-onset puberty, aggressiveness, enlarged genitals, frequent erections, excessive hair growth, and acne. It can also cause children’s bones to mature faster than usual. Contamination can cause children to stop growing correctly and lead them to be shorter than expected.

Take care when coming into contact with the clothing and bedding of testosterone cream users, as transference is a possibility. However, by using the correct precautions, these risks can be avoided.

  • Do not allow the treated area to come into contact with other people.
  • Cover the treated area 20 minutes after application
  • Don’t let others touch clothes or bedding, which has come into contact with creams.
  • Don’t stoke animals after application.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after application.

Which Should I Use, Testosterone Cream, or Injections?

Testosterone creams have one massive advantage over traditional therapies, no needles! For most guys, injecting themselves daily for optimum levels is simply a no go, and the cream is by far the most comfortable option, just as effective and pain-free.

If you have or are planning children, then we would not recommend testosterone cream and would point you towards our daily subcutaneous injections to avoid the cross-contamination risks. These injections are simple and pretty painless, we use tiny insulin needles, and the testosterone is self-administered into the outer fat layer in your thigh.

A daily testosterone dose is far more beneficial than out of date therapy with weekly intramuscular injections. If you take a high dose once a week, you end up having spikes of hormone which over diminish over time until your next injection. A smaller daily bioidentical testosterone dose offers far more consistent levels closer to your body’s natural production.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please consult a doctor.


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